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Olivia M. | Senior 2017

What happens when you couple the most beautifully sweet senior (inside and out) with the most perfect summer evening and a horsey?? ??

This. Perfect. Session.

This is the second gorgeous senior i’ve photographed for this family, and i’m so honored they brought me back. I absolutely LOVED photographing her sister, Cassie and now it was Olivia’s turn!

The fact that i’m considered “vintage” by most of these amazing young people- is not lost on me. I realize i am becoming *just a tad* out of touch with all things >>cool<<.. . but this sweetheart,… She never made me feel it.

So genuinely accommodating to all of my awkward requests and ridiculousness. All the while, bringing such a breath of fresh air to my lens with her beautiful smile and sweet disposition.

—A few Super-Important things to know about Oivia;

•She’s a Senior this year!!!! *Yay-Yay-Yay!*
•She has the SWEETEST horsey. His name’s Jake.♥
•She’s ultra athletic and dominates preeeeety much every single sport.
•She’s tall. ….like legitimately tall by general population standards, but vs. my own height.. . she like superhuman tall. Amazingly tall and lovely.

*high-fives invisible Olivia who’s not really in the room*

This is Liv (and Jake.. :)

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