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Gettin’ personal.


//Seven children.//

That’s what Aaron and i have.  Yes, Seven. :) – Go ahead… . process it.

Right now, life is changing at an incredible rate and i always swore i’d be ready.
Newsflash: I’m not ready.

Jordyn, our eldest (the beauty in the middle), just headed off to Liberty U as a transferring sophomore, eight hours and nine minutes away from home. —>(for all you- overprotective- mom’s out there, that 525 miles away… 489 minutes of straight driving time (minus toilet breaks).. . and don’t think i haven’t tried to figure out how long it would take me to walk to her if the need arose…)

Enter,.. the ‘Mom demand’- I wanted a picture of all of them together before we pulled out of the driveway to take her to school. All seven.

No coordinating outfits. No washed faces or combed hair. Just them, in all their squirrelly-glory before she left.  Hang on a sec…

—–> //Dear above pictures Camp Children,

                                         Thank you for your 2 minutes of cooperation. It was much appreciated (and some kind of record).   ~mom.//  <——-

Now that that’s out of the way ;),  as parents, we raise our children -often times- clawing at truth and fighting to do what is right for them in this crazy, imbalanced world. We try and mold these beautiful vessels that have been placed so gently into our care, without damaging or traumatizing them.

We try to keep them safe, while allowing them the freedom to become everything God so carefully created them to be.

We try,… boy, do we try… but fail more often than we get it right.

The ultimate goal is that they would know the voice of God in their lives.  We want to raise them to be kind human beings, making a difference for good in the world. Young adults that no longer need us for everyday life… but hopefully continue to want us in their lives.

Letting them go.
Seeing them fly.

It is both painful and the most beautiful sense of relief and achievement i’ve ever experienced.

We’ve done the lion’s share of our job with her, Right???
We’ve turned her loose on the world, on life…  . without us.. . (excuse me while i roll into the fetal position… . and continue my 4 day sobbing streak.. . )

Then we realize nothing will ever be quite the same again, it’ll just be different. Still good, just different.

To be honest, everything at the moment feels a little like it has a Jordy-shaped hole in it. Absolutely everything. The dinner table, the car rides, her bedroom, the sounds in the air… .all missing her sweet voice, lovely face and messy top-knot.  I’m not gonna sugar coat it, this is tough…. and beautiful…. and terrifying… and incredible.

I miss her- everything about her. Even the things i don’t miss about her i miss.

So now i pray for her,.. and us.
Trusting the Lord’s goodness and holding onto the sweetness of the moments at hand, cheering her along her path (louder than all the other parents in the stands and with the biggest poster of her face) and excited for her future, chasing all the God has destined for only her.

//Time has truly flown by, with wings as big as she has.//

This is our new normal.

So in our new normal, we move forward with the rest of “the crew” still safely snuggled in at home: a Highschooler, Junior higher, Elementary schooler, Kindergartener, Preschooler and a one-year-old who is literally changing shape and size by the moment.

The differences between them seem so vast at this point in life. Adult to infant.
There’s a lot of arguing and bickering and squabbling in our home, but also a ton of love, wrestling and laughter,.. .. . usually followed by some kind of bickering and crying, but i digress.

It really is miraculous- this ‘sibling bond’ thing. The bond with one another that only they will share.

So, to all of you mommy’s and daddy’s out there… .keep going… . it’s totally worth it…   And just remember, we’ll most likely still be doing it along side you. :)

Happiness and HUGE blessings from us to you and your crazy crew,

♥ erin

//The Happy 9//

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