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Kind words…

Dear Erin,

You are so wonderful, I can’t say it enough! I’ve been an avid fan of your photography for years, but to have you capture my own family was beyond perfect!

Since our parents’ marriage joining two families as one ten years ago, there have been very few pictures of all of us kids together. Some camera shy, some over zealous.. .we are all so different and somehow you found the cohesiveness within the group to help us do something special for our parents. They had tears in their eyes when they saw the pictures of all of us kids photographed together for the first time in years.. .you did such a beautiful job capturing the sincere moments as well as the quirky, fun ones that fit our family’s personality.

It was so natural working with you; you truly brought out a joy in each one of us. You made us laugh and made us feel comfortable. The way you capture life is so natural, pure, and joyous.

Your passion and talent are so strong, your personality is infectious, your laugh contagious and it made us happy just to be around you. Thank you so much for lending us your talent, we are beyond thankful.

<3 Ariel, the Stoker/Puukila clan :)

(*we like the picture of all our faces together (it’s a canvas in our house ;) )
love you ↓↓↓


I have known Erin for a long time & have been privileged to watch her journey as a photographer. Her talent is unmatched. She has an eye for beauty & knows how to capture the emotion of the moment so perfectly. I tell everyone I know about her because, in my opinion, you don’t get much better. Her pictures can take your breath away.
She is also wonderful to work with. She knows how to bring out the best in people & how to get you out of your shell if posing for pictures doesn’t come as easy for you. I look forward to having Erin by my side for my future life events. :)
My favorite picture from my session was the black & white, standing on the dock, with the three of us siblings smiling & laughing. -it matches our three personalities so well. ~ Angela P.


There are no words to describe how magnificent this woman is. She captures how I feel in the moment with a camera and her heart. Thank you for loving us for who we are and without judgement. ~Eustacia B.